• Diana Castellvi

Mid week 5: ground clean-up shot #3 and HDR clean-up

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

While waiting for the new renders for next week's progress presentation, I've been working on finishing the clean-up for shot #3. I had been having some issues with the clean-up of the ground, but I finally got it to stick in the video.

I used the same method that was used to clean up the car and its reflections. The only difference was that I used a new camera for them. I had to track the ground area on its own and use that camera for the projection of the clean-up area on the plate.

Here is the result:

HDR clean-up

I have also worked on getting the car removed from the HDR of the environment so it doesn't appear in the reflections of the cg car. I used a simple roto paint in nuke to replace the car.



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