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Week 6: comp of shots 0, 2 and 3

For this week's progress, I worked on addressing the feedback for the compositing of shot #2 and #3. While identifying priorities for this week, we decided to focus more on color issues, like the white wash in shot #3. I also started the composting for shot #0, which has some major updates.

Shot #0

For shot #0, I tried to use light AOVs to animate the headlights of the ferrari so they turn on after the lightning strikes the car. The light groups need some refinement and need to be divided into more groups for better control over them. I also want to try to animate the lights so they flicker a bit before fully turning on in the next iteration.

The lightning, charge and sparks effects were rendered separately along with a reflection pass of all of them on the environment. To achieve the lightning look and to emphasize the influence of the FX in the tunnel and car I used the exponential glow gizmo that Kyle gave us. The gizmo made a huge difference in the glow of the lightning, it was perfect. I also added a light flare to the headlights and made them brighter by trying to follow what Billy taught us last week.

Shot #2 and shot #3

For shot #2 and #3, I wanted to focus more on the integration of the portal. However, we had some issues with the rendering of the FX due to a recent change in pipeline. We realized that bringing the portal into Maya was creating more trouble than it was worth and we were wasting more time that could be spent on creating a better version of the FX. When importing the portal as VDB in Maya, we were having trouble placing the portal in its right place and decided to switch to rendering the FX with Mantra. Unfortunately, this change has caused some issues. In shot #2, we couldn't get the portal and car to match and in shot #3 we were not able to render a new iteration. In the progress video for this week, the car is seen slipping at the end of shot #3 but that's only due to missing frames of the car animation.

Here are my nuke nodegraphs for shot #2 and #3:

Here are the renders for shot #2 and #3 (car animation is fixed in this video):

Final thoughts

This week we made some major progress although we did encounter some issues. Shot #0 and shot #1 are both looking much better and show a lot of improvement, which I'm very proud of. Shot #2 and #3 still need refinement and the integration of the portal with the car has to be troubleshooted. However, I feel like we will be able to resolve this issue very soon. I, personally, want to try to refine the compositing for the three shots I'm in charge of as well as adding smaller details to them the next week. I also want to work with Lorena to try to find more balance between all the shots, especially the transition between the tunnel environment and the live action plate.

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