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Week 8: comp refinement and leaves

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

For this week, I addressed the feedback I got last week from our mentors at the Mill. This included fixing the glow of the headlights and the brightness of the lightning in shot 0, adding defocus in shot 0, making the color of the portal relate to the color of the lightning. I also worked more on the integration of the car as I felt it needed some changes.

Shot 0

For shot 0, I especially focused on the lightning and the headlights. I tried to make the lighting crazier overexposing it and making it affect the environment more. For the headlights, I tried to reduce the glow as it was spreading too much. I also changed the animation a bit more to include more randomness in the flickering. Lastly, I added defocus to the whole shot and also made the sparks brighter. My teammate Yanni is working on a new iteration of the sparks so they look less artificial.

Shot 02 and 03

For shot 2 and 3, I specially worked on refining the car integration. I used a reference photo we took of my teammate Liz's car at the filming location and tried to match the ferrari to it. The result is much better than the original render, which I'm very happy about. Additionally, I also added leaves to shot 02 although I would like to refine the integration more in the coming days. I also want to spend more time on the portal for both shots as time constraints did not allow me much time to work on it for this update.

Here is a comparison of how the car used to look like vs. how it looks now:




Final thoughts

We are definitely very close to the end and we are mostly refining small details. However, there are still some elements that need some work such as the portal and the leaves, but I'm confident that we will be able to get them right for the final week (next week).

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