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Week 7: comp fine-tuning

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

For this week's update I was able to spend more time on the comp for shots #0, #2 and #3. We are getting close to the end of the project and we are starting to do more refinement than actual big changes. My focus for this week was mostly on getting the headlights animation in shot #0 working better and to have a better integration of the portal in shot #2 and #3 since we changed pipeline just last week.

Shot #0

Like I mentioned above, my main focus was on the animation of the headlights turning on. While looking for reference for the animation, I remembered the Mill's commercial for Audi named "Birth". Its concept reminds me of ours and I thought it would probably have a shot with the headlights turning on too. It turns out it does have a shot like that and I thought it was good inspiration and reference for shot #0.

The shot starts at minute 01:09.

Apart from working on the headlights animation I also worked on the headlights' look. Lorena and I looked for reference for the ferrari headlights when they are turned on and we found a ferrari commercial that we used for reference. Unlike other cars, the ferrari headlights have little detail in them and are only made out of spheres. In the commercial the lights are very blown out and we tried to find a good intermediate because they seemed a bit extreme. We also wanted to wait until we got feedback about this issue from our mentors from the Mill.

The shot starts at minute 01:09.

Shot #0 render

Shot #2 and #3

For this two shots my main focus was on improving the integration of the portal since we changed the rendering pipeline of the element just last week. It still needs fine-tuning of course and I'm looking forward to the mentor's feedback on it this week.

Shot #2 nodegraph

Shot #3 nodegraph

Shot #2 and #2 renders

Final thoughts

I think that these past two weeks we have made very important progress and we are very close to final iteration. Next week I want to focus on addressing the feedback we'll receive this week and on improving the transition between the CG and live action shots. I will also be making small changes and fine-tuning the compositing of the three shots I'm in charge of.

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