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Spring 2020

May 13, 2020 - Character lighting

I tried to get the tree shadows and I did a test render to see how it would look like. I think it makes a great difference compared to the static shadows but I think I can still tweak them a bit more. I also made small changes to the rim light for the blue character and the fill light. Over the weekend I will work on getting the lightning right.

Password: sdgm

May 11, 2020 - Character lighting

For this update, I worked on improving the basic light set up for the characters and the environments. I also tried to create a lightning effect in nuke using light group aovs. I need to work more on timing and I want to find a way of creating the really overexposed light of real lightning. Increasing the light exposure I realized that the noise was more visible too so for the next update I need to up the samples.


Password: sdgm

May 5, 2020 - Character lighting

For this update, I tried to make the lighting moodier and played with gobos to create tree shadows in walls. I think I'm going in the right direction but it still needs more work. I also want to try to add another light source to create some contrast. password: sdgm

April 29, 2020 - Character lighting

For this update, I have been working on the look development of the characters and the environment. I have been stuck on the lighting but I got some feedback recently and I'm working on addressing it right now. Here is a new render with depth of field comped in. I attempted to add a rack focus but I still have to refine it. password: sdgm

April 20, 2020 - Character lighting

For my next project, I'm going to light the shots for an animation short made by SCAD alumni Patrick Thompson. The idea for the lighting so far is to make it very cartoon like and moody. It will be night lighting with rain and lightning flashes. Here is a frame of the lighting so far but I'm still trying out different lighting situations.


April 13, 2020 - Moodmatch project

April 8, 2020 - Moodmatch project


April 6, 2020 - Moodmatch project

For this update, I have changed the camera movement to make it more obvious and faster. I have also added some textures and worked a bit more on the lighting. My plan for the next update is to finish the lighting and the texturing and going into rendering.


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April 2, 2020 - Moodmatch project

I've been working more on the lighting but I'm still not happy with it so I'm going to keep adjustment. I've also added a camera move but I think it may too slow so may change it a bit still. I have also added shaders to the assets and started UVing. Password for the video is sdgm.


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April 1, 2020 - Moodmatch project

For the first week of spring quarter I'm going to be working on improving the moodmatch to a film project that made in DLR. So far I have the modeling done and some initial lighting. I'm going to try to finalize the lighting in the next two days as well as getting some initial shading on the models. My goal is to texture over the weekend and rendering as late as Sunday or Monday.



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